• Are you a smoker looking for a way to stop?

  • Been there before?

  • Wondering if hypnotherapy will work for you?


You know the health benefits of stopping

You don’t need me to explain the health benefits of giving up smoking, but are you aware of how quickly your health will improve when you do? Some smokers believe that they have been smoking for too long to get any advantages from giving up now, but this is not the reality. According to the NHS Better Health programme, after just 48 hours “all carbon monoxide is flushed out. Your lungs are clearing out mucus and your senses of taste and smell are improving”. Then after 2-3 weeks you will have started to lower your risk of having a heart attack. 

So, however long you have smoked, the sooner you quit, the sooner you will notice healthy changes in your body.

Man with raised head breathing in

Why it’s so hard to quit

In spite of knowing the risks countless smokers find it hard, if not impossible, to quit. They often try lots of times and yet are consistently unable to give up for the long term. Nicotine is addictive and cigarettes can become part of a coping mechanism to try to deal with emotional pressures like stress, anxiety and other problems in our lives. Think about how you feel when you reach to light up. When a smoker becomes anxious, upset or feels stressed, they will often reach for a cigarette, believing it will make them feel better. There are much more positive ways to learn to relax, calm yourself and feel better – without reaching for a cigarette.

For many breaking the physical addiction to smoking is only one hurdle in giving up for good. A major problem is getting over that challenging barrier of the deep seated programming in the depths of our minds that controls why we smoke. Our subconscious mind manages our learned behaviours and habits and nicotine is an addictive habit, so to give up for good we need to change this deep rooted addiction in the subconscious mind.

Quitting smoking can be a real challenge, you may experience withdrawal symptoms that affect your mood or sap your energy. It would be wise to consult your GP who may suggest other methods, such as support groups, classes, apps or medication to assist you whilst you are receiving hypnotherapy.

How I can help you stop smoking

Numerous research studies show hypnotherapy to be an effective tool to help you to stop smoking. However, the studies have variable outcomes, and the success relates to the type of hypnotherapy used, but also conclude that there should be therapy with the hypnosis. The research shows that the most constructive approach to giving up smoking for good, is a combination of intensive therapy and hypnosis.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I combine therapy and trance together to gain access to the subconscious mind that can help target unwanted or unhealthy thoughts, habits and behaviours and replace them with positive thinking and healthier behaviours. It can help you learn to reduce and get better control over your feelings in times of anxiety or stress. You will be able to focus on a better, brighter, healthier future without cigarettes.

What is evident from the research, is that you need to want to make the change, without this internal motivation, it is unlikely that you will stop smoking for long or at all. If you have reached that point that you want to give up, for yourself, then Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may be for you.