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That you are here means you have taken the first step towards making that positive change in life. Now if you’re seriously ready for change, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful psychotherapeutic tool that can help with all kinds of issues, from anxiety, stress, depression, weight & smoking issues to fears & phobias plus so much more.

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Anxiety isn't necessarily a bad thing, some of the time. It’s a normal response where we experience worry or apprehension particularly about the future, but it shouldn’t disproportionately affect your life. When it does, it’s time to sort it out.

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A little stress keeps us on our toes and is good for us, it can even help us perform better, but too much is seriously bad for our health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, hypnotherapy can help reduce it.

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We all feel low sometimes; when that dark cloud hangs over us and makes us feel sad. But when the feeling lasts for weeks or months or is excessively affecting your life it could be depression and that’s where hypnotherapy may help.

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Weight Management

Modern living seems to go hand in hand with weight gain and has a great impact on our self-esteem as well as our health. Let's help get you to your ideal weight and keep you there for the long term.

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Stop Smoking

If you tried it before without success it is understandable, after all it is recognised as an addiction and the brain needs rewiring to break that cycle of craving nicotine. Hypnotherapy could be the rewiring you need to help you breathe easier.

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Fears & Phobias

Fears are normal and help keep us safe but they can become irrational. A phobia is an extreme fear that is almost impossible to control. Don’t let them stop you from living your life. Hypnotherapy can help get rid of them.

The above is just an overview. If you have a specific problem that’s not mentioned, please contact me.

Paddy was very professional, explained things clearly and very easy to talk to! Since talking to Paddy I have been so much more positive, more confident, less stressed at the little things and even purchased a new car. (Which I thought I never would) I really do believe that was with the help from Paddy.
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